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Adya® Videos Resource Page

Title: Japanese Video Using Themarox (Adya Clarity Concentrate)
This video demonstrates how the Adya Clarity minerals have the ability to take the dirtiest dead water out there and transform it into crystal clear living water in a matter of hours. We can transform any fresh water source and turn it into drinkable healthy water even raw sewage! Please watch for a great visual of how these minerals have the ability to separate the dissolved contaminants (turbidity) from the water rendering them harmless and safe to now drink. 

Title: The Kunas of Panama 

Brief Summary: This video shows someone who uses the Adya Clarity on some of the world’s most contaminated drinking water and drinks it down in a matter of seconds. If you are not indigenous to these parts one would get very sick from consuming this water. The Adya Clarity makes it possible for us to make this type of water safe to drink without any other purification methods. We have the ability to help millions of people around the world create safe and healthy drinking water.